Cameron County Canoe & Kayak Classic. Update Friday April 6 7:30 pm

All paddlers

This will be my last update, I  paddled the course today and we are good to go  river is just about perfect  and open , everything is in place.  I have  just been informed  that breakfast will NOT be available  seems to have been a miss communication on that  there will be some danishes , granola bars and bananas  there.    It is going to be chilly in the am so dress warm. I would like to take this opportunity  to thank all involved  that has helped me over the years  truly truly appreciated.  also I will have many safety folks out there tomorrow  please take a moment  and thank them for being there as you pass them by  they are out there for you.  Also at the start line  Emporium Rotary will be on hand  with complementary  coffee and hot chocolate  be sure to thank them for being there as well.   few things I have to finish up tonight and I will see everyone in the am  should be a great day to paddle our beautiful valley . Randy