Welcome to the 2018 Cameron County Canoe & Kayak Classic. Update 3 15 2018

Just to let everyone know we are set to go as of today everything is in place the same as the past few years. As usual the water level is our biggest issue it is running about 278 cfs right now which is extremely low, have to wait and see as we get closer. I have yet to get on the course  don’t feel like paddling much at 20°/ 30°.  I  will get out there at some point soon. I would recommend   Come early drop your gear at the start line  come up to the Country club register sign waiver and pick up your event Number. and if you plan to use the shuttle bus  make sure you leave enough time.  Since we are going to keep the dinner and awards in Driftwood this  year PARKING is going to be very important  I will have folks there parking everyone to make sure it is done in a orderly fashion  please park where they tell you to.  If your going to have  a chicken dinner with us,  tickets will  be available at registration please purchase them at that point so I can call ahead &  let the folks know approx how many we will need.  I will update  again as we draw closer  again look forward to seeing everyone  and if anyone has any questions please let me know.  Randy



I would like to start off by saying what a winter so far , It has been awhile since we had this much snow and cold weather. I hope everyone is doing ok , and I for one am looking forward to Spring.

                       After a considerable amount of thought  I have decided that 2018 will be my last year as your FORMAL host of the Classic. That does not mean that I am  giving up on the event. I am hopeful that an individual , group or  organization will assume the responsibility and keep the high standard that I have held myself to for the past 17 years or so wow has it been that long! .

If that does not happen my plan will be to Dissolve the Classic org. and Website  and  have a new paddling friends group.  Come the First Saturday in April   2019.  We will be the Driftwood Branch River Ramble.  Water and Weather permitting.and Lord willing I will show up at the river access site with my boat  and anyone wishing to join me feel free.  No registration, permission slip from PAFABC,   shirts, trophies ,shuttle or timing. We  will paddle our river enjoy ourselves  find a place to have some lunch  BS and relax.  I personally need to get back the passion I once had for the sport I truly loved.  I would hope everyone understands.

Ok  now that is out of the way  on to the task at hand  the 2018 Event ,  I still need to confirm with everyone involved  that everything is in place  as it has been in past years.  1 minor change  we will be having the awards and a chicken dinner at the Driftwood Saloon this year.  More updates  as the event draws closer.  If anyone has any question or comments please contact me.  Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone  Saturday  April 7th   Randy

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